Ever wonder what to do with those left over products? There is a great new trend in the design industry to go green. But in the artist world they are finding great new ways to reuse products and refer to it as Up-Cycled or Up-Cycling. We're not recycling products, which actually breaks down the chemical composition and makes the product weaker each time. Instead we're making new items out of previously used items in their current state (possible minor alterations)- but these items are given a new life- they are brought back UP to a new purpose. The majority of the products I make are up-cycled. I can't imagine some of these items being tossed. Shopping totes sprang out of fun graphic T-shirts. Gift Bows that can be used over and over again- and of course Pillows out of discarded fabric. Why get rid of good products?

I recently found an article about a Buddhist temple created out of beer bottles. This is up-cycling to the extreme. Not only does it provide a secure and sturdy structure for the Monks to practice in- but it also creates a visually stunning space that would shock most designers and photographers.

Check out the full article and more pictures here: Buddhist Temple Built from Beer Bottles

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