I am happy to announce- Youtique was a great success! We had a great group of vendors, and there were only a couple minor issues. We are still waiting on some feedback through the Michigan Artisans. Hopefully the reviews are as good from our vendors and the Design Center. With any luck we will be holding another Youtique there in the Fall!

I arrived back at Youtique around 2:30 after the presentation at Google. It was very neat to see inside the offices- it would definitely be a place I would want to work. We all had to sign non-disclosures and were not allowed to take pictures inside. We did get a group shot of our team and the NLMSF President in front of the Google sign, and have a video of the presentation. I am currently working on editing these for their website and newsletter.

This week Rusao Designs is making a few changes. We have updated the website with a couple more features, and great photos from Youtique. More will be coming, and Tuesday a brain storming meeting will be happening over some changes coming in the near future.
Well Today was the first day of Youtique at Michigan Design Center. The turnout was great, the energy was great and the vendors are awesome! I think we lucked out with how great these vendors are. Tonight was the first part of the silent auction raffle. I won this little gem below! It is by ClayLab Detroit. I've wanted one of their pieces for years now- and I won this! I was so excited I took this picture in my car at a stop light, but how awesome is this coffee mug?
The Youtique Show continues tomorrow from 10-5 and you can still win some silent auction items.

I have that meeting at Google tomorrow- it's very exciting. If it wasn't general intrigue alone- the design is sealing the need to go! I'll be joining Youtique again in the afternoon.

Hope to see you all there!