It may seem like after he Youtique show I took some time off. Oh... if only it were that easy! I haven't run away, I haven't taken a break- but I am happy to report I did take one day off. I twas something I needed to do for me- especially since this month is apparently just as busy as last month.

Last week was mostly focused on business stuff- getting some ducks in a row. All these small side projects are baby steps for hopefully a bigger step later for the business. So far this week has been devoted to a brochure, a newsletter, more business paperwork, website updates, logo creation... Which is seriously a lot of stuff done already.

I've stared offering SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) and have already got my first contract for it.

Still to come- another newsletter, another brochure, more business documents- and oh a 50 guest vow renewal.. that's not including attending weddings and parties for family and friends this month as well. It's a lot to do- but I honestly enjoy it.

With everything I'm doing- I still often feel like I'm not doing enough. I know that's a bit silly- but until I start seeing the results, I probably wont be able to shake that feeling.
12/22/2020 06:59:30 am

Loved reading this thankss


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